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The purpose of this project was to redesign the branding of The Shinning, as if there was a special addition release coming out soon. The design had to be in the same style as Saul Bass–the original designer of The Shinning Movie products and poster. If your not familiar with his work, Saul Bass’s designs are usually very simple, with lots of blocky lines and geometric shapes. In my search for symbols to pull from the movie for the poster, I noticed that the carpet is an intricate but subtle detail that is seen often in the film, but never directly pointed out. I decided this would be an interesting way to take this project, and in the end I loved the outcome!

The client was looking for a design that followed very closely to the origional style and feel of the original design by Saul Bass. As the project would be a combination of a web presence, a print poster and hand bills for the special screening the new look needed to transcend all of those different media types.