"Creating unique, innovative, and sucessfull graphic designs, one pixel at a time."


Web Design

I enjoy designing web pages that both are great to look at, and work functunally for users.


I write HTML & CSS, learning JQuery and excited to learn more.


I love bringing hand drawn touches to my designs to keep them fresh within a digital world.


I have experience with creating logos, and branding identities for companys and individuals.


My name is Jenna.

I am a digital and illustration designer. I love bringing inspiration from the world around me and applying it to my work. Before taking the Design program at Macewan, I went to Culinary school and worked as a chef for a few years. Although I loved the kitchen, I had to take a step back from it as a career. I still make time to experiment with ingredients and techniques with food in my own kitchen–and love every minute, well... usually.

I think creating and experimenting with food and creating and experinemting with design techniques are very similar. By mixing different flavours, ingredients, mediums, colours, and techniques I am able to create innovative, unique designs, and sometimes some great food as well.


I am currently taking on projects which are large and small. If you think we will be a great team to work together on your project, please give me a shout!

If you have any questions about my work, process, or would like to impart wisdom, I would love to hear from you as well.

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